Berkeley, CA

Microbial Engineering Scientist

JOB Description

Synvivia seeks a full-time Microbial Engineering Scientist to help build engineered organisms that can be controlled with synthetic small molecules. This role requires a focused individual with a detail-oriented mentality and a strong work ethic.


This position is combines various synthetic biology techniques, including protein engineering, microbial engineering, and biosensor engineering. Primary responsibilities include design and fabrication of high diversity libraries, genome engineering, genetic selections, robotic high-throughput screening, phenotypic analysis, and method development.


Synvivia’s scientist position requires substantial wet lab experience. A PhD in a bioscience field with microbial science/engineering experience in E. coli are required.


Required Skills:

  1. Protein structure visualization software, structure-guided saturation mutagenesis library design, and large library fabrication

  2. Primer design, standard PCR, EIPCR, SOEING PCR, error-prone PCR

  3. Design and fabrication of complex molecular cloning schemes with E. coli, including large-scale, high-efficiency transformation and genome integration with lambda Red

  4. Directed evolution, genetic selection, and high-throughput screening

  5. Excellent sterile technique, pipette technique, liquid-handling technique

  6. Excellent record-keeping, scientific writing, and presentation


Additional Preferred Skills:

  1. Experience working with organisms other than E. coli

  2. Laboratory automation experience

  3. NGS library prep and analysis

  4. Computational biology experience


Send a few sentences and a CV/Resume or LinkedIn to info[at]synvivia[dot]com