Microbial Engineering Research Associate

Berkeley, CA
JOB Description

Synvivia seeks a full-time Research Associate to help build engineered organisms that can be controlled with synthetic small molecules. This role requires a focused individual with a detail-oriented mentality and a strong work ethic.


This position is focused on DNA assembly, molecular cloning, and phenotypic analysis. Primary responsibilities include fabrication of DNA constructs using a combination of PCR, restriction enzyme digestion, ligation, transformation, DNA extraction, and DNA sequencing. Secondary responsibilities include general laboratory management.


Synvivia’s research associate position requires a strong technical background. A BS or BA in a bioscience field and 1-2 years of laboratory experience with E. coli are required.


Required Skills:

  1. Molecular cloning and DNA assembly with E. coli

  2. PCR

  3. DNA electrophoresis

  4. DNA purification and cleanup (i.e. PCR cleanups, gel purification)

  5. Restriction digestion, ligation (or other assembly techniques)

  6. DNA transformation

  7. Plating microbial transformation on appropriate conditions

  8. Inoculating liquid cultures in appropriate conditions

  9. Plasmid DNA purification (i.e. mini prepping)

  10. DNA sequence sample preparation (sanger) and analysis

  11. Media prep and dish washing

  12. Excellent sterile technique

  13. Excellent pipette and liquid-handling technique

  14. Excellent record-keeping


Preferred Skills:

  1. Multichannel pipette and multi-well plate techniques  

  2. SOEING, EIPCR, error prone PCRs, and primer design

  3. Golden gate assembly

  4. Genome integration

  5. Protein crystal structure analysis


Send a few sentences and a CV/Resume or LinkedIn to info[at]synvivia[dot]com